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    April: Child Abuse Prevention Month

    Plant a Pinwheel

    Pinwheel Gardens help raise awareness for April: Child Abuse Prevention Month as part of PCAMS's Pinwheels for Prevention campaign. Each pinwheel represents one of the 40,000 babies expected to be born in our state this year -- and represents the belief that getting it right early in childhood is less costly than trying to turn around and fix problems when the child is older.

    Doesn't every child deserve the opportunity for a safe, healthy beginning?

    Businesses, schools, community-based organizations, civic groups, educators, volunteers, decision-makers and families are all welcome to participate this April by planting a virtual pinwheel garden

    If you would like to order physical pinwheels to plant for the month of April, please e-mail Rebecca Mansell at rmansell@umc.edu

    Everyone has a role to play in preventing child abuse and supporting families.

    Kappa Delta Events

    Kappa Delta 4k Fun Run

    In Mississippi and nationwide, Kappa Deltas are cooking up creative events to support child abuse prevention.

    Nationwide, Kappa Delta chapters organize exciting fundraising events to raise money for various charities and nonprofit organizations. Every year, each KD chapter hosts a “Shamrock” event to raise money for national and local child abuse prevention efforts.

    From chili cook-offs and spaghetti dinners to fashion shows and twister contests to golf tournaments and children’s art shows, these Shamrock events have raised over $10.6 million to help prevent child abuse in our country. The KDs also support the national Pinwheels/Child Abuse Prevention Month campaign to raise funds and awareness.

    Prevent Child Abuse Mississippi would like to thank the Kappa Deltas for helping support our efforts to strengthen families and reduce the risk of child abuse and neglect.

    PCAMS is currently working with our local Kappa Delta chapters to organize future Shamrock events in our state. For more information, contact Rebecca Mansell at rmansell@umc.edu.

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