"Prevent Child Abuse" Vehicle Tag

PCAMS Vehicle Tag

HELP US RAISE AWARENESS: A new specialty car tag will help encourage Mississippians to prevent child abuse. If you would like to support Prevent Child Abuse Mississippi, you can either place an order electronically below by using your credit card, or print an order form and mail it with a check to the PCA MS office. (Directions below)

GETTING YOUR TAG: Once the 300 tags are pre-sold, they will go into production and be available for pickup. If the goal is met by October 15, 2016, they will go into production in January of 2017. If the goal is met by May 15, 2017, the tags will go into production in July 2017. Applicants will be able to pick up their tag as soon as they are notified that their tag is available at the tax collector's office. 60 days are allowed from the time the organization is notified by the Department for the vehicle owner to pick up the license plate. If applicant chooses to wait to pick up tag, the special tag fee must be paid again at the time the special tag is picked up.

PAY BY MAIL: If you would prefer not to pay online, write a check payable to ‘Prevent Child Abuse Mississippi' for $31.00, and write ‘Specialty Car Tag' in the memo line. Please be aware that this is for the specialty car tag only, and is not the total cost for your car tag registration.

Download the form here and mail the signed check and the signed completed form to:
Prevent Child Abuse Mississippi
2500 North State Street
Jackson, MS 39216


Total Amount: $31.00

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